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We export all of the products of Arab Republic of Egypt from the agricultural crops.

We are ready to export our productions to open a new markets all over the world. For example:
With regard to agriculture, we export rice, cotton, potatoes, tomatoes, corn, and all the types of starchy foods, onions, and garlic, specially pickles and so the Artichokes.

Also, we export many types of food. , all the types of juices, and all the types of frosted food such as Jew's mallow, taro, kidney beans and green peas. And so the honey.
Also we export the chemicals such as fertilizers, the organic fertilizers that made in Egypt and used for helping the crops to grow. Besides, we export all the types of textiles. For example:
Coton, wool, linseed, and other types of textiles. And so the pharaoh's antiques( from khan El-Khalily)




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