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El-Yosr Import and Export Company Limited was established in 1999. Its business fields cover the import and export of complete foodstuff. It has developed and improved until we have reached for the highest and the best standard. We have worked hard until we have achieved the high standard to our productions all over the world.

Now our company has considered one of the biggest company which has become the leader in the field of import and export, also it has considered one of the distinguished members in the Egyptian commercial chamber in Alexandria in the field of import and export besides it has possessed a big side from the internal market which belonging to Alexandria govern ate particularly and Egypt generally.

And what has made the company is successful the staff of workers and the sales envoys who supporting the spreading of company and the high standard of performance which has helped the owner of the company Mr./Hazem El-Debasy.

We have agents for marketing who have the highest certifications of experience for servicing the customers where he has been. We have preparations for presenting our services in the field of import and export with high qualifications. In addition to this, we deal with the biggest corporation in the world we have the capability to make many markets all over the world. From now, we wait you for phoning us to begin with you a new work and open a new field in a new country.

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